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Preschool Assistant Teacher Float

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Listed below are the job responsibilities and expectations for all Ten Mile Christian Preschool Assistant Teachers for the school year 2023-2024. All assistants will be required to read and accept these responsibilities as a qualification for the job. The intention of these responsibilities and expectations is to continue to provide a quality learning experience for our students, parents, and staff. Thank you for your acceptance of these responsibilities and your willingness to serve God and our children.

All Ten Mile Christian Preschool Teachers will:

• Read, understand and comply with TMC Employee Handbook.

• Read, understand and comply with TMC Preschool Teachers Handbook.

• Be familiar with the Parent Handbook, registration forms, and preschool policies.

• Assist with the first of the year set-up and the end of the year take-down of the classrooms.

• Assist with the set-up and take-down of the classrooms each week.

• Attend the monthly staff meeting.

• Authorize Ten Mile Christian Preschool to perform a criminal background check on your history.

• Report to the Assistant Director/Director each school day no later than 9:00 a.m.

  1. A routine will be set but flexibility is key in this role.
  2. May need to substitute for any class on a given day with little notice.

• Be prepared each school day to assist with the lesson plan and the necessary supplies and teaching materials.

• Be responsible for assisting the teaching and nurturing of children in the classroom, using a wide variety of learning experiences.

• Be responsible to the Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool program and follow the guidelines as stated to you.

• If you have children of your own in the Ten Mile Christian Preschool program, you are responsible for getting him/her to and from the child’s classroom in a timely

manner without it interfering with your duties either before or after class time. No other child is allowed to be your responsibility before or after class.

• Communicate daily with the Lead Teacher(s) regarding the plans, needs, and expectations for the classroom for that day.

• Converse regularly (weekly at first, monthly as a routine is established) with the Assistant Director/Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool concerning the job

responsibilities and any changes needed to make the position effective for all.

• Ensure that all written communications to parents will be reviewed by the Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool program prior to distribution.

• Have and maintain current first aid and child CPR Certification.

• Keep classroom equipment and materials clean and in good repair.

• Provide a safe learning and growing environment for the children.

• Purchase supplies, materials, etc. in accordance with the purchasing policy and with the approval of the Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool program.

• Attend any TMC sponsored Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention Seminar (or provide record of previous attendance).

• Report any violations or concerns regarding school policies in a timely manner to the Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool program.

• Converse regularly with the Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool concerning the implementation of the “Disciplinary Procedures” in the Parent Handbook. Written

documentation is required when dealing with behavioral issues.

• When you are sick, injured or otherwise unable to work, complete the following items notify the Assistant Director/Director of Ten Mile Christian Preschool of your

absence. No substitute will be needed to cover this position, unless already scheduled as a sub in a classroom.