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Play Yard Attendant

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Ambassador of fun: (play yard attendant)

If you LOVE dogs; this is the best job on the planet. If it's been your lifelong dream to work with animals in a fun filled environment, you have found your dream job. As an ambassador of fun, your day is filled with playing with the dogs in our large in-door and out-door play yards. Your main job is to help our doggie clients have the most fun possible while vacationing with us.

Although this is the best job on the planet, this position is physically demanding and requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time and to be outside in all the elements. Although this position is #1 when it comes to having fun with the doggies, there is also a lot of #2 to pick up and clean up. As you can imagine, we want to have a safe and clean environment for our doggies to play in.

As an ambassador of fun you will ensure that our doggies are safe and have the cleanest possible sleeping and play areas while at our resort. If this is your dream job, you love dogs, have a great attitude, strong work ethic, and can be a team player, Don’t Delay!

Please call us at 702-951-9668 and tell us in 100 words or less why you are the Ambassador of Fun we are looking for!